A Pilot’s Decision

Prologue (Could-be Video story later)

The duo raced quickly down the street, both seemingly tired yet could not be heard panting of any sort. Only the sound of heavy boots stomping through the broken road. They veer right toward a small house, stopping to catch their breath and to look behind them

“See anything?”
“Negative, looks like we lost them”

The one first to speak leaned against the wall and nodded to himself. Seemingly happy with that confirmation. They both entered the house and looked around holding their weapons up checking every corner and under every bit of furniture.

“Knowing the UFS it could be trapped”
“or worse”
“What could be worse?”
“Do you really want an answer to that?”
They shook their head to the question, moving through the kitchen and next the hallway to what they would guess the bedrooms. A small square house that could fit 3 people if they acted civil toward one another. The only noise aside from the voices that came from the two, dressed in matte Olive Green uniforms outfitted with weapons that could be considered military grade, was the distant gunfire and explosions. While it was faint it felt heavy, as if they were happening just outside. The soldiers, whos faces were covered by a mask that couldn’t be identified. Except for the fact that they were full masks the visor glowed a dim blue. The visor was in the shape of a very widened X on one, the other had a very widened semicircle. The helmets were different but very similar in shape and design. Once they cleared the entirety of the building they finally took refuge on one of the bedrooms. It was still neat and clean for the most part, seemingly untouched by it all. As the two looked at eachother, both had something identical on the back of these helmets. An emblem, with the numbers “6-4”.

“You know those feds will find us at some point”

‘feds’. The UFS specifically known as the United Federal States. They wanted to control what lasted of the US. These soldiers, fought for the CoST. The Coalition of Sovereign Territories. Tired of what the UFS were doing 4 states banded together to create a rebellion militia. At first it gained victories around the states but the UFS managed to create a stalemate stopping anymore movement. The town they were in was a mining town that had already been evacuated. These two soldiers, named “Pilots” were hired by the CoST to give them assistance. They were to flank around the entirety of this neighborhood to hit a Forward Operating Base choking the UFS of any breath.
“they will, but it’ll be tracks. They’re not fast enough to catch us”
One of the soldiers looks and picks up a doll that was strewn about, finally realizing just how cluttered the house was as if the family was in a rush
“wonder what happened to these people..”
“Doesn’t matter, we need to keep moving”

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