Reflection about digital stories

Your mission should you chose to accept it:
Reflect on the digital stories we studied and on the evaluative and creative processes.

More Deets:

Reflective writing helps you think about your own thinking and learning. While you are welcome to post this final assignment to your public blog, I’ve set up a journal entry in CNM Learn (Blackboard) because of the personal nature of the reflection and the fact that we won’t have time to peer-review it.

Main Points

– The only requirement for your reflection is that it is at least 250 words

-Here are some questions to help you reflect (you don’t have to answer them all and, in fact, more depth on fewer questions is best):
How might the choice of sub genre impact the story?
How might the platform a story is told on affect how different audiences receive that story?
Did the writing process help with your purposes of informing (report), evaluating (argument), or showing (story)?
What was the most helpful during this course?
What was confusing/unhelpful?
What plans do you have for studying and/or creating future digital stories?