Digital Storyverse List v1.0

This is a list of the digital stories I found most interesting while reading Bryan Alexander’s book. We’ll vote at the end of the semester on your favorites and may even add some stories to this list!

Blog Stories (fiction)

She’s a flight risk (2003)
The Sick Land (2013)

Blog Stories (CreepyPasta)

Slender Man
The Dionaea House

Blog Stories (nonfiction)

WWI: Experience of an English Soldier
The Orwell Diaries
World War II Today
Small Town Noir

Blog Stories (wikis)

SCP Foundation

Microblog Fiction (Twitter)

War of the Worlds
Zombie Attack

Microblog Fiction (Facebook)

Henio Zytomirsky
9 Scientists

Visual Stories

Farm to Food
Gender Miseducation
The Chase

Interactive Stories & Hypermedia

Adventure (1975)
Ted’s Caving Journal
Dreaming Method Project (1993-)
The Jew’s Daughter
Lexia to Perplexia

Audio Stories

Memory Palace
Welcome to Nightvale
The Deep Vault