Digital Story Making.

After watching Lonelygirl15 I was asked the question “How would you make a similar type of story using video?”. Of course the question itself was interesting because I am considering creating Youtube content soon and vlogging was something of an option considering how some Youtubers decide to do their content. My personal take would be to be more, interactive. I’d try to edit out as less as I can to show a more genuine side of my character rather than some scripted one. Id place certain items behind me related to my hobbies. Airsofting, video games, and so on. I would actually take the actual video during the night with there being a partially dimmed setting because that’s what I prefer. Of course enough lighting to show my face but not so much that its so clear. Music and audio wise I would keep some kind of white noise in the back edited in. Something soothing and fitting to what the topic of the vlog would be whether it be tragic or funny or anything like that. I would use a lot of hand signals to show the mood that my character in these vlogs would be in. I would try to be more animated than I am normally because obviously in person you can see more cues than on video.

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