Digital Story Using Video

For this week’s blog, I got to watch these short videos that are from Lonelygirl15, Marble Hornets, and Connect With I. They are very interesting vlog posts and quite different. There wasn’t as much editing as you can imagine but that worked out fine. They are all entertaining and captures something from the audience as these short episodes leave you hanging. Lonelygirl15 was just talking directly to the camera just being herself, it’s something not many do afraid of judgement most likely. One thing that I learned from YouTubers that is that you are supposed to be comfortable with the camera, with your surrounding and being a YouTuber isn’t as easy as it seems. Good camera and quality, lighting, sound, and know what you are doing. Many YouTubers do vlogs or reactions, storytelling, playing games etc. For the videos that we were supposed to watch, they were simple but entertaining. I enjoyed the most Connect With I since it was really interesting to watch, I thought it was funny how the guy was just confused as to why there’s always a camera there as he felt like he was being watched. One thing about these videos is knowing what their audience likes, as towards giving them a cliffhanger wanting more. I really enjoyed this week’s assignment, and if I were to make a video like this it would probably be more like Lonelygirl15’s and just talk to the camera maybe how my day went, or give out interesting stories that happened in my life, since I love writing as well it can maybe help out that way.

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