Logos “appeals to reason, logic, and facts in the argument (most closely associated with the message).

When using a logical appeal, make sure to use sound inductive and deductive reasoning to speak to the reader’s common sense. Specifically, avoid using emotional comments or pictures if you think your audience will see their use as manipulative or inflammatory. For example, in an essay proposing that participating in high school athletics helps students develop into more successful students, you could show graphs comparing the grades of athletes and non-athletes, as well as high school graduation rates and post–high school education enrollment. These statistics would support your points in a logical way and would probably work well with a school board that is considering cutting a sports program.”

Chapter 26: “Recognizing the Rhetorical Situation”
English 1101 and 1102 College and Analytic Writing compiled by Jennifer Schaller and Tammy Wolf
(CC BY-SA 3.0)


Rhetorical Triangle

Logos Ethos Pathos Main Assertion Sub Assertion(s) Explanation Examples Sub Assertion(s) Explanation Examples Sub Assertion(s) Explanation Examples