Let me tell you a tale

I’ve considered my own podcast on more than one occasion. I’ve had friends that have a podcast and I listen to one called “Not Another D&D Podcast” on Spotify, a lot lately. Listening to the “Welcome to Nightvale” podcast was also on my to-do list and I was excited I was able to check it off my list! Between my friends, “Nightvale,” and “Not Another D&D Podcast” they each had their own personality bringing the experience to different conclusions. I want my own podcast to also follow this and have it’s own personality. Since you are limited to sound with podcasts personality is a lot more important because you are setting the scene, narrating, and breathing life into it with your voice alone. My own podcast would probably be a mix of both fiction and non-fiction. In the past I have loved to tell fiction stories both alone and with a friend on paper but I like the challenge of telling a great story through audio. To me telling a story is about having fun creating something new and I find it’s more fun to do this with other people. My friends are very outgoing and I would love to bring them into my storytelling to help develop characters and make it more interesting. I like the idea of both telling the story and also having time to talk freely, This way you can learn things you couldn’t my just hearing the story, and even answer questions to bring interaction with the audience into it. In the end I think if your having fun the it’s a success. #Microblog, #Podcast, #WelcometoNightvale, #NotAnotherDDPodcast, #Spotify, #Itunes, #ByranAlexander, #audiostory

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