My Own Creation

One of the digital stories that I absolutely want to do is a YouTube series. Airsoft being a huge hobby and events harboring the idea of a Military Simulated game, it would be an ideal placement for any kind of war story. But with the ability to wear whatever you like there is also the ability to shift it to whatever you are looking for in a story

In airsoft the way Youtubers do videos for it is they use GoPro’s. In this digital story I would use that element most of the time, along with a friend of mine. We would also employ the use of one of the camera users that also roam the field to help us with other angles to enhance the story. Me and my friend would be faceless, wear masks to give us the nameless faceless soldier, an element that becomes important later into this series. With this rather than actively try to play the game as a casual game throughout the 10+ hours of gametime, we would focus a lot of dialogue and roleplaying. We wouldn’t even set up a character previous to the filming, we would let these characters manifest and develop as the story goes on. That way we can bring out own personality and qualities into it while creating characters that are not specifically us as who we are day to day.

The series would take place in episodes, with a tv-like set up of cliffhangers at the end of each episode. With us being maskless our helmets (which would be needed to hold the GoPro’s) would have unique markings and painting on them to signify the difference, but this would be where the faceless and nameless element of our characters come in. The idea is to create a level of emotion for characters that you don’t need to know the faces of but the names of, specifically a singular name. Whether it be a nickname for our actual names or a name we earned in a previous battle, this would become relevant to the idea of “who cares”.

It is something I do plan on doing in the future, and I might make updates on this as it develops.

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