Hello! I know my post is late but it’s here. Today I’m going to be talking about Podcasts, basically if I were to create one of my own, what type would it be. I love writing, reading, movies and TV shows, so basically I can talk about any of those topics. I wanted to be a YouTuber before, and give out reviews on the movies that I have watched, the books that I have read and let my audience know whether or not I like them. If I recommend them and go into details about my opinions. I can Podcast about my favorite readings, or talk about what I have in mind for a future story that I want to write. Give out my thoughts on music as well is a good topic. My life has been something between the ups and downs so I can give out advice or talk about my nightmares or true crazy stories that I have experienced. There’s a lot that I can put together and have fun with it.

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