Send me a story with moving pictures

The narrative in the Marbet Hornets is very important to how the story is being told. The main narrative of the story is in text form on the video screen to give you background information as scenes pass by. I feel like the video scenes themselves are a secondary narrative because if you were to watch the video without the information provided by the text then it wouldn’t be very appealing and you would be lost to what is going on. The static layout of videos coming through in no order and the cryptic start of not knowing what the videos contain brings a chill that stays with even the daytime footage. I like that there is no particular order to what videos should go first because then you don’t need to worry about were you start as much when you first come across these videos. I think I would like to take this same kind of approach to telling a video story. I want those who are watching to be able to come in at any point and not feel that they can be part of the story because they haven’t started at the beginning. Making each video it’s own world makes it accessibility easier to the new watcher. #VideoStory, #MarbetHornets, #Microblog, #Narrative, #CinematicStar, #BryanAlexander

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