NM Civil Guard made conflicting claims to different outlets on last month's fascist shooting in ABQ. Were they protecting or detaining the shooter? @npratc left and @ABQJournal right. Either way, journalists must not take fascists at their word.


Why we chose not to air an @NPR piece about the New Mexico Civil Guard, and to instead run an interview with a Native American scholar about media coverage of the militia group + context about White vigilante violence in NM... a thread.

John Burnett of @NPR refused to interview Native leaders on statue removal. They wanted to talk over Skype b/c of high rates of COVID-19 infection in their communities. Instead, he gets a neo-Nazi to cry about how hard it is being a racist. No joke.


I’ve found most D&D players take coronavirus seriously. We know two things from experience:

(A) a 2% risk is *not* as low as it sounds.

(B) no matter how high your Constitution score, you can *always* fail your saving throw.

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