What is a good Digital Story?

One of the million dollar questions is “What makes a good story?”. Namely in this case a digital story. As D4Darius (a youtuber) has mentioned he already stated that if you “ask 20 different people you get 20 different answers” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCzcoyDp2fY). Here I can give a detailed explanation of what for me makes a good story, using digital story formats of video games. Video games are a passion for me, besides the entertainment of playing it I look at the depth and the detailing of what a video game has within its story. We talk about the blurred line of Video Games in the digital story sector but i personally feel there is a very close connection between the two.

Lets start with what my definition of a good story is. Similar to D4Darius I enjoy development of characters, with conflict and stakes. To dissect this I personally see the large value in a character going from someone who is ignorant or arrogant, or even someone who can be considered objectively bad, becoming someone who has grown out of the shell that they have either been placed in or placed themselves in. In my experience I have participated largely in Improvisational courses throughout high school and even partially college. The single most important rule is “The most important person on the stage is the other person”. Character is what stories start at, more often than not stories start with even in traditional stories “There was a man walking down a dark road” or “In a castle, a princess stayed imprisoned”. Whilst the setting is most key the setting would not be able to tell its tale without the idea of a character. In Video Games specifically the stories are constantly criticized by the depth of the character, and what they had to offer the story itself. Did they stick with us after the story ended? Did we want to know more about them after the story we experienced ended? Characters that we remember, and use qualities that they have either gained or already had to look up to is one of the biggest and most important things in a story. For instance, in God of War 4, the story is that an old, rugged Greek god escaped Greece and Olympus from the destruction he himself caused. He wanted to live a normal and calm life. He met a woman and they had a boy whomst he loved but as we see had a hard time showing that love. When his wife died he set on a journey to spread her ashes in the realm of Jotunheim, which gives us the inclination of where we are without the story itself telling us. The characters by their actions and words and our basic knowledge told us this. Throughout the journey, the God and his son bond more and more as the struggle to survive got more and more dangerous and life threatening. This battle hardened god put his son through all of this knowing what might happen to fulfill his own honor for his loved one and for the result of making his son stronger. By the end you create your own close bond with this father and son, so much that you want to know what happens to them, where they go what they do when their journey finally ends. 
That is what makes a good story, a good story. 

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