Week One

Hello, world! My name is Pinny!

My mission is to be your guide through the quickly-expanding universe of stories told through the internet. I might not be as famous as my cousin Clippy, but I do know how to make a good point!

One day I read an excellent book on the subject by Bryan Alexander. It made me realize that I’m a digital character without a story! So I started searching around the web for a good story where I could belong. Maybe you could help me find some good digital stories?

Below is a map to the major assignments in this course and a weekly schedule (the “tour”). Check it out. I’ll try to make some good points along the way.

Map to Digital Storytelling


Week by Week

WEEK ONE (Hello, World!)

WEEK TWO (Microblog Fiction)

WEEK THREE (Blog Fiction/Nonfiction)

WEEK FOUR (Report Drafting)

WEEK FIVE (Report Revising)

WEEK SIX (Interactive Stories)

WEEK SEVEN (Game Stories)

WEEK EIGHT (Evaluation Drafting)

WEEK NINE (Evaluation Revising)

WEEK TEN (Visual Stories)

WEEK ELEVEN (Podcasts)

WEEK TWELVE (Story Drafting)

WEEK THIRTEEN (Story Revision)


WEEK FIFTEEN (Reflection)

Blog Prompts

Report Blog

Evaluation Blog

Story Blog

Reflection Blog